Fox Haven Farm, Inc.

Cheryl and Linnea are a mother-daughter team with over 80 years of combined horse experience. We have been breeding and raising Thoroughbreds and Thoroughbred cross sport horses since 2004 after a near 20 year hiatus from the horse world.

In the early 80's we had a farm in northern Virginia and foxhunted with the last hunt to hunt in Fairfax County where George Washington did a lot of foxhunting.  Linnea started hunting when she was 8 and was hunting first field when she was almost 10.  She was a junior whip when she was 12 having been awarded her colors the previous year.  Cheryl was on the board of directors of Pohick Valley Hunt for several years and also served as a whipper-in for two years. We bought off the track Thoroughbred mares back then for retraining as field hunters and brood mares, but at the time that was only a hobby as Cheryl had a commuting job as a Veterinary Pathologist around the DC Beltway. See more photos from the early years here.

We buy many of our mares directly off the track for retraining as sport horses and eventers for resale or as our own broodmares. We are standing at stud Artrageous who is the son of the 1999 Eclipse Champion Sprinter Artax. He is a very flashy bay with a large star and four white socks. His first foals started arriving in March 2008 and we are incredibly pleased with them. Artrageous has also done some eventing. He has an exceptional disposition and loves living with his herd of mares.

Cheryl on Amber and Linnea on Australian for Beer (Foster) - 2005

Cheryl on Banada and Linnea on General Mosby - 1981